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[middle-east] three views of the UN

These were recently posted on a forum at the Melbourne Age:For the UN to even be relevant two member states must be involved in conflict. I am having trouble finding the second state. Certainly Israel is a legitimate state but Hezbollah is a terrorist organisation not a state.Lebanon has brought this upon itself. It had 20 years to remove Hezbollah. It did not have the balls to do so.

It then blames Israel for protecting itself and doing what it should have done in the last 20 years - remove the terrorists from Lebanon. Supporters of terrorists are just as bad as the terrorist themselves.There also seem to be a few brain dead people who continue to write in this forum. Hezbollah are pawns of Syria and Iran.

They are being used to divert attention from their own problems. Iran is the country that will (if it ever get them) provide terrorists with nuclear weapons. And these weapons may find their way onto your doorstep.Many people seem to think the war on terror is a joke. Why don't you ask Israeli children in both the north and south what it is like to have rockets aimed at you every day.

How would you like it if your children had to spend their lives worrying where the next terrorists attack will come from ? (By the way, you should be worried. Eventually a group of Muslims in this country will blow something up and then we will again get a the bullshit excuses from the terrorist sympathisers and supporters - but that won't help YOUR DEAD KIDS !!!)

Israel is fighting for its existence and yours. It is fighting terrorists who want to destroy your world.While some people may not agree with their methods, you need to understand that Hezbollah and Hamas see peace talks and handing back of land as a sign of weakness - not a sign of strength. They cannot be appeased (unfortunately the pathetic EU does not understand this) .

You also need to understand that these essentially stupid people have had 50 years of state sponsored propaganda to make sure they think the way they are supposed to. These are not clever people.The Palestinians have managed to blow every opportunity for peace. They have elected a terrorist government. They have doomed themselves to a future of violence, death and destruction.Posted by: UN is a joke at July 25, 2006 11:26 AM

The crisis in Israel is a direct result of Israel and its expansionist policies which has existed for many years at the expense of the Palastinians. Israel has been enabled to maintain this policy of agression because of the weapons supplied by the US and the powerful Jewish lobby in the US.Even now, the US is supplying arms.The UN could be a good force in the world if it wasn't constantly crippled by the US.

Perhaps a beginning would be to isolate the US power of veto.I think Israel should return to its original borders and stay there. Its no good Israel pulling out of Gaza but retaining a crucial 10% in the middle of it. Israelis are not the only people to be a target of genocide, in fact, there are worse cases. What they should be doing is behaving more like they want people to treat them and not like Germany treated them in World War !!Posted by: Jack at July 25, 2006 11:40 AM
If anyone criticises the UN for not being unable to resolve conflicts then one must simply look at the permanent members of the security council (US, Russia, UK, China France) and see what actions they take to secure peace.

Any proposal can be vetoed by one member and I ask how can Kofi Annan do any thing if the US or any other member vetos any proposal he puts forward or not provide the UN with the resources to carry out its "missions".In my opinion it matters not what the UN tries to do, as long as one of these members sees a conflict with its interests, it can make the UN resolution or rule of law non enforcable.

Until these nations are voted onto the security council like other "guest" nations, nothing will change and what can be seen as a conflict of interests will persist and the UN being regarded as a play thing for the US, China, Russia etc. by smaller nations.Posted by: DC at July 25, 2006 11:40 AMWhat are the rights and wrongs of it?Incidentally, if you can’t see your way clear to donating pizza or withholding your licence fee, perhaps you can help through this:

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