Sunday, August 15, 2010

Franklin Coverup summary

The Franklin Coverup

Attorney John DeCamp authored a book, The Franklin Cover-Up, in 1992. What began in November of 1988 as an investigation by the FBI and IRS of a black man named Larry King, who was the president of the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska for millions in missing funds, soon led to the exposure of a satanic child abuse/sex slave ring that involved some of the most prominent community leaders in Omaha.

This included the former publisher of the Omaha World Herald, the then Chief of Police, the society editor of the Omaha World Herald, a former state senator, the head of the Nebraska Forestry Service, and the multi-millionaire heir to the Brandeis Department fortune.

Approximately 80 youngsters came forward and made allegations concerning sexual abuse, forced prostitution, and cult activities including the human sacrifice of small children and babies at satanic rituals. Many of the children stated that they were placed on private jets and flown to Washington DC and other cities for sex orgies with U.S. Congressmen, U.S. Senators, at least one top official in the White House, and other public officials.

These same children were also used in an organized child kidnapping/sex slave operation that facilitated the abduction of yet other children from playgrounds and off the street, who were then used in child porn and snuff films or sold into slavery. "Sales" of abducted young American children to foreigners was common.

A 10-13 year old blue-eyed blonde child could be auctioned off for more than $50,000, near an air strip close to Las Vegas or Toronto and then placed on an unmarked plane, never be seen or heard from again. One of those planes was identified as a DEA (U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration) plane.

Of the 80 children who originally came forward, only four were willing to sign statements. Two of the four later recanted, but the remaining two, Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci, refused to recant and held fast to their allegations. Criminal charges were filed against both of them. Owen was convicted of perjury before a grand jury and spent two years in solitary confinement. Six months after refusing to recant and prior to her perjury trial, Alisha's brother, Aaron Owens, committed 'suicide' in a correction center cell.

The charges against Paul Bonacci were later dropped since he had, by now, been convicted of child molestation and it was felt that his testimony had been sufficiently discredited. Bonacci, with John DeCamp as his attorney, however, was later to obtain a judgment of one million dollars in damages against the former Franklin Credit Union president, Larry King.

Fifteen people connected to the Franklin Cover-Up have died since. The senate committee appointed investigator, Gary Caradori and his young son, Andrew died when Caradori's plane exploded in mid-air shortly after leaving Chicago for Lincoln, Nebraska on July 11, 1990. The day before, he had called the chairman of the senate investigating committee, Lauren Schmit, and told him that he had irrefutable evidence that the children involved in the Franklin Cover-Up were telling the truth.

Overlaying the Franklin Cover-Up case is a CIA front operation, called The Finders. Gunderson outlined the mission of The Finders in a description included in his 1993 report, "Child Kidnapping in America; The CIA Connection" thus:

"CIA Front established in the 1960's. kidnapping and torture-programming of young children throughout the U.S. They use a fleet of unmarked vans to grab targetted children from parks and school yards. In doing so, they use children within their organization as decoys to attract the victims close to the vans where they are grabbed by the adults. They then drug the children and transport them to a series of safe houses for safe keeping.

They are then used in their ceremonies, for body parts, sex slaves, and some are auctioned off at various locations in the northern hemisphere. In the past, they have been auctioned off at locations near Las Vegas, Nevada and Toronto, Canada. Marion David Pettie, a leader of the cult, is an identified homosexual, pedophile, and CIA officer. His son was an employee of Air America, which was notorious for smuggling drugs, destined for the U.S., out of the Golden Triangle into Saigon during the Viet Nam War."

In Gunderson's report on The Finders, he included copies of letters containing allegations and supporting documentation sent in 1992 to the Nebraska Attorney General, Dan Stenberg, the Nebraska FBI, the Director of the FBI, William Sessions, the Governor of Nebraska, and the Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, among others.

Many victims of satanic ritual abuse and government sponsored mind control technologies have come forward in recent years with books describing their experiences. Cathy O'Brien, a 'presidential model' mind control victim reveals, in Trance Formation in America (1994), about conditioning, using ritual terrorization of her and her daughter, Kelly.

Brice Taylor's 1999 book, Thanks for the Memories, goes even farther than Cathy O'Brien's book in its revelations of known celebrities and insiders such as Bob Hope.

Gunderson's former comrades in the FBI have long ago turned their back on and shunned him. If readers are interested in reaching Ted Gunderson, you can mail him at: Finder of Missing Persons 2118 Wilshire Blvd. #422 Santa Monica, CA 90403 tel. 310-364-2280