Monday, October 23, 2006

[house of lords] modest proposals for the restoration


# The Lords Spiritual comprise the Church of England's archbishops and all diocesan bishops and one representative each of the Churches of Scotland Ireland and Wales.

# The Lords Temporal include all hereditary peers of the realm but are limited to half the seating capacity of the Chamber on any particular sitting day, sorted by notice of ‘intention to sit’ delivered to the Clerk within two days of visit. Only natural-born subjects are qualified.

# Life Peers include ten each of the three major parties plus ten each of the military, academic, medical and legal professions [may include Commonwealth citizens and citizens of the Republic of Ireland] plus minimum ten representatives each of Home Country parliaments and assemblies.

# The Lord Chancellor presides, wearing the black and gold.

# 20% of all Cabinet ministers are to come from the House of Lords.

# All appointments, irrespective, are by appointment of the Sovereign on the advice of both the Lord Chancellor [and Prime Minister].

Law Lords

# The Lords of Appeal in Ordinary form an Appelate Committee of 12 members with experience of high judicial office, known as "Law Lords". This Committee is the court of last resort in the United Kingdom, members appointed by the Sovereign.

# The Curia Regis is a body of 12 Committees of 12 Lords which address the petitions of the Sovereign's subjects. This is intended to redress the abuses of the lower house, as in the past few years and to restore democracy to Britain.


# All bills may be delayed one month. Most bills lapse after the 2nd rejection. Money Bills are null and void after the 3rd rejection.

# The Salisbury Convention is abandoned henceforth as the Lords are not subject to the Lower House, though by definition, the reverse is true. In practice, some form of compromise will prevail.

# The House of Lords may originate a bill concerning taxation or supply and also amend a bill so as to insert a taxation or supply-related provision.

That should suffice for the nonce - no point getting too radical too early.