Wednesday, October 25, 2006

[britain] people, we're in trouble

People, we are in trouble and the next post after this on the US and Canada merely underscores it. This whole business was allowed to occur. The purpose? To exacerbate the old tribal differences and to rub salt in the wounds. No effective leader, either Labour or Tory - result chaos.

Into this steps a wonderboy sometime down the track - I think around 2012 [before the Olympics, which will be in trouble] and he reunites Britain, die-hards cheer, a great Olympics is held and the militarized society begins.

It started in the US with the Patriot Act, continued with FEMA and now the screws tighten with the summary detention laws, where they do these things less surreptitiously and look how hard Blair's pushing just now as well - the J1000 fines was an example. He sees his time running out to make his mark with those who wish such to be the scenario. Who? The European Finance - who else can it be? As it has always been.

Let me be shunned and ignored now, as no mainstream blogger would say things like this and no pollie would admit them.

In Yes Prime Minister, Hacker was asked a series of questions by the expert they brought in - don't remember the details. Something along the lines of what if the Russkies took Prague? British counter-attack? No. What if they then took Luxembourg? No. And so on. Now they're on the shore near Calais. Launch an attack?

The old boy then said, 'Salami tactics - slice by slice.' It's divide and rule. Little dissidents like myself are snuffed out early, anyone more important raising his voice in protest is 'suspected' and 'questioned', dissent is quashed. Belarus. Sudan. Britain. Terry Gilliam's Brazil.

Go back over the major security, educational and transport infrastructure issues since Blair assumed office and if you can't see intent there, then you have different eyes indeed.

What to do? What we've ever done. The blogosphere can help but it can also be shut down with a switch. But people's hearts and minds can't be shut down. Think more widely, more globally, go beyond English-Scottish squabbles and see there is a far greater issue at stake which they'd love us to ignore: we're about to lose it all - all the freedoms - all.

The Brits will never act in time - they never have, ever. But when they do finally wake up, I personally believe collective resolve will win out, Jimmy, Hugh, Taffy and Paddy et al.

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